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Our Clients Say

At Mariposa Coaching, we’re very proud of our work and the life-changing results we achieve for our clients.

We strive to stay up-to-date with all the latest research to ensure our clients get the best care.


Taking part in Sukan's 'Go The Distance' Coaching program was perfectly aligned with my personal & professional journey. The online sessions provided a transformational space to connect with like-minded individuals.


Sukan is a very innovative & mindful practitioner who tunes in to the core of where blockages may be present. He then allows the space for you to be intuitively guided towards identifying those barriers yourself.


The BWRT sessions were enlightening & allowed deep-rooted patterns that were not necessarily serving me well to be identified & redirected into new & positive pathways. I experienced an immediate impact after my first session. Sukan was gentle in his approach but also assertive in supporting me to dig deep.


The entire process provided me with the skills to build & empower myself to efficiently identify blockages in my goals and be able to road map an effective timeline and plan to reach my desired outcomes. Thank you to Sukan for his patient approach & invaluable knowledge.


The experience gave me an understanding that as a coaching professional who is just starting my journey into coaching, it is vital to be coached myself & gain experience from a knowledgeable and trusted professional like Sukan.

“I met with Sukan to help with my extreme anxiety and nerves. This was normally heightened before certain events, such as presentations and interviews etc. Sukan was friendly and quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable, right from the beginning. I felt like he understood me and the way I felt. The affects were immediate and I honestly cannot believe it. I have recently started a new job and something like this would normally be a trigger for me, but I have not had any anxiety or any extreme reaction at all since my session. I would highly recommend Sukan and would definitely go back to him.”



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"Working with Sukan has been wonderful and powerful in so many ways. Sukan is a generous coach, authentic in his approach and passionate about empowering his clients to step into their absolute potential. Sukan perfectly balances the empathetic approach with a tough-love stance, and has called me out on many things, challenging me to think deeper and come to powerful realisations about my habits, fears and inhibitions.


Through my work with Sukan, I have been able to recognise the resources that are already within me and learn new tools that are simple and effective to use. Sukan works in a structured, yet unfussy way and it has perfectly aligned to my own ongoing inner work with zero conflict and in complete harmony. Sukan brings a joyful lightness to his work, always underpinned with a genuine intention to empower change. Thank you Sukan for all that you are doing, and all that I know is yet to come from you."


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